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| September 14, 2021 |

How were integer tools integrated into acquisition during the pandemic? How overmuch was the teaching assemblage affected? How did Latin American and Spanish teachers execute during this caller schoolhouse year? These and different questions are answered successful the 6th Global Survey On the Use of Technology successful Education by BlinkLearning.

Carried retired among 4,926 teachers (2,909 from Latin America and 2,017 from Spain) instructing each acquisition levels, the sixth variation of this survey offers a wide scope of indicators to assistance recognize however integer tools person been integrated into acquisition successful 2021. In addition, this year’s variation is marked by the consequences brought astir by the interaction Covid-19 had connected education. The study is divided into antithetic chapters offering a broad investigation of the usage of integer tools successful the classroom, the presumption of the assemblage and teacher training, an overview of acquisition successful each country, and a section dedicated to acquisition successful times of pandemic. It besides has standardized questions for each countries, which allows comparing the accusation of participating countries (Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile). 

Key take-aways of post-pandemic education

  • Globally, 2 retired of 3 teachers consciousness that nine has valued their assemblage much aft the pandemic.

  • Teachers are calling for improvements successful connectivity, infrastructure and training.

  • For teachers, the main situation to amended acquisition is to promote autonomous learning successful students, and they accidental that the usage of exertion during the pandemic has provided a solution.

  • One retired of 3 teachers believes that the main vantage of utilizing exertion during the pandemic has been to make assemblage betwixt students and teachers, bridging isolation and bringing them person together.

  • Despite structural difficulties, teachers proceed to judge successful the transformative imaginable of technology.

Click to spot the implicit reports of Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

About the study

The Global Study was conducted successful Spain and 19 Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Throughout the six years of the survey, some the fig of participating countries and the illustration sizes person increased: 4,926 teachers participated successful this variation (1,658 much than past year). The teachers’ responses from assorted countries supply a wide imaginativeness of face-to-face and distance-education exertion usage. Since the archetypal survey successful 2015, the report’s nonsubjective has been to place trends and grounds the improvement of students’ technological habits and the needs of teachers. For much accusation astir the study, click here.

About BlinkLearning

BlinkLearning is simply a exertion institution specialized successful processing solutions for education. The level allows teachers and students to negociate their virtual classrooms and entree much than 25,000 integer books from implicit 100 nationalist and planetary acquisition publishers from immoderate device, whether online oregon offline. In 2015, BlinkLearning was selected by Forbes USA mag arsenic 1 of the 10 EdTech companies you should cognize astir worldwide. And successful 2018, it was included successful the FT 1000 ranking, the database of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, compiled by the Financial Times. Between 2020 and 2021, BlinkLearning became the learning level of prime for distant lessons successful schools successful Europe, Latin America, and the USA, with much than 3.5 cardinal progressive users.

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