5G wireless is already teaching us what we’ll want from 6G

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Have 5G networks underwhelmed you truthful far?


Most of america are still getting our heads wrapped astir 5G but immoderate large tech players are good into the improvement of 6G. Qualcomm, a immense unit successful wireless technology, is 1 of them and CNET quality main Roger Cheng precocious talked to executives and engineers determination astir the adjacent procreation of wireless. Apple, Google and LG are also members of a 6G moving group

Roger Cheng, CNET

Roger Cheng is Executive Editor and caput of quality astatine CNET.


In wide strokes, 6G is envisioned arsenic genuinely subsuming wireless connectivity into everything astir america with web sum and bandwidth availability truthful effortless we cease to interest astir them. That’s a herculean task that 5G whitethorn lone commencement accomplishing. “All the antithetic sensors that we expect (to beryllium connected) with 5G volition beryllium a batch much with 6G and everything volition beryllium talking to each different successful an effort to marque your beingness easier,” says Cheng. 

That suggests 6G volition request to standard some up and down, from connections that request immense bandwidth similar location ISP service to devices that request lone a tiny magnitude to study unit oregon temperature, like a portion of aboriginal astute clothing.

Another country wherever 6G whitethorn instrumentality a manus disconnected from 5G is coverage. 5G tin connection bully bandwidth to a ample country or astonishing bandwidth to a tiny area, but successful betwixt is thing of a method and economical null zone. “If you’ve got a fatter pipe, however bash you get the scope overmuch wider, that’s erstwhile things commencement to get truly interesting,” says Cheng. One of 6G’s wide mandates would beryllium to overlap sum and bandwidth without tradeoffs.

6G roadmap

Generally a decennary passes betwixt large generations of mobile wireless technology. That could mean 6G enters US trials by 2027.


Cheng reminds that “this is each inactive benignant of theoretical. Anyone who’s telling you this is what 6G volition really look similar is selling you thing you shouldn’t beryllium buying.” It inactive makes for a fascinating aboriginal to ponder and you tin bash truthful with the video of Roger’s afloat speech with CNET’s Brian Cooley.


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