2024 Lok Sabha Elections: BJP Leads in 61 Himachal Assembly Constituencies, Congress Chief Minister and Ministers Fail to Secure Lead

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BJP Secures 57% Votes, Leaves Congress Far Behind

Shimla — The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has emerged victorious successful the 2024 Lok Sabha elections successful Himachal Pradesh, starring successful 61 retired of the 68 assembly constituencies. The Indian National Congress (INC) faced a important defeat, with the Chief Minister and 10 of his furniture ministers failing to unafraid leads for their enactment candidates successful their respective constituencies.

The BJP’s dominance was evident arsenic it secured 57% of the full votes polled, translating to 22,90,819 votes retired of a full of 40,48,000. In contrast, Congress managed to garner lone 42% of the votes, with a full of 16,91,000 votes. This resulted successful a important 15% ballot pb for the BJP implicit the Congress, a stark summation from the constrictive 0.9% pb the Congress held successful the 2022 assembly elections.

Constituency Breakdown

BJP campaigner Dr. Rajeev Bhardwaj defeated his nearest Congress rival, Anand Sharma, by a borderline of 251,895 votes. Dr. Bhardwaj received 632,793 votes, portion Sharma garnered 380,898 votes. Additionally, 6,372 voters opted for NOTA.

Anurag Thakur of the BJP won by a borderline of 182,357 votes against INC’s Satpal Raizada. Thakur secured 607,068 votes, compared to Raizada’s 424,711 votes, with 5,178 voters choosing NOTA.

Kangna Ranaut, representing the BJP, defeated Congress campaigner Vikramaditya Singh by 74,755 votes. Ranaut garnered 537,022 votes, portion Singh received 462,267 votes. A full of 5,645 voters selected NOTA.

Suresh Kashyap of the BJP defeated his nearest rival, Vinod Sultanpuri from the INC, by a borderline of 91,451 votes. Kashyap received 519,748 votes compared to Sultanpuri’s 428,297 votes, with 5,930 voters opting for NOTA.

Lack of Leads from Key Congress Figures

Despite the efforts of the Chief Minister and his cabinet, the Congress failed to marque important inroads. Among the furniture ministers, lone Horticulture Minister Jagat Singh Negi from Kinnaur and Education Minister Rohit Thakur managed to unafraid leads for Congress candidates. Education Minister Rohit Thakur managed to get a pb of 6,477 votes for Congress successful Jubbal Kotkhai, and CPS Mohanlal Brakta secured a pb of 9,045 votes for Congress successful Rohru. Additionally, Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri managed to get a pb of 1,535 votes for Congress successful Haroli.

In the Mandi parliamentary constituency, Congress campaigner Vikramaditya Singh led successful lone 4 constituencies: Rampur, Kinnaur, Anni, and Lahaul-Spiti. BJP campaigner Kangna Ranaut led successful the remaining thirteen constituencies, winning the predetermination by a borderline of 74,755 votes. Ranaut besides led successful postal ballots by 1,052 votes.

BJP’s Stronghold successful Key Constituencies

BJP demonstrated beardown leads successful respective cardinal constituencies:

  • In Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu’s constituency, Naidun, BJP secured a pb of 2,143 votes.
  • In Vidhan Sabha Speaker Kuldeep Pathania’s Bhatiyat, BJP secured a pb of 13,166 votes.
  • In Health Minister Colonel Dhaniram Shandil’s Solan constituency, BJP had a pb of 5,116 votes.
  • In Industry Minister Harshvardhan Chauhan’s Shillai, BJP led by 2,317 votes.
  • In Vikramaditya Singh’s Shimla Rural, BJP led by 6,448 votes.
  • In Minister Aniruddh Singh’s Kusumpti, BJP had a pb of 8,833 votes.
  • In Minister Yadavindra Goma’s Jaisinghpur, BJP led by 4,485 votes.
  • In Minister Rajesh Dharmani’s Ghumarwin, BJP had a pb of 13,573 votes.
  • In Vidhan Sabha Deputy Speaker Vinay Kumar’s Sri Renukaji, BJP led by 4,485 votes.
  • In erstwhile BJP Chief Minister Jairam Thakur’s Seraj, BJP had a pb of 14,698 votes.
  • In BJP State President Rajiv Bindal’s Nahan Vidhan Sabha constituency, BJP led by 7,939 votes.

These results underscore the BJP’s strengthened governmental foothold successful Himachal Pradesh, leaving the Congress to reassess its strategy and enactment successful the state.

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