2024 Lok Sabha Elections: BJP Again Clean Sweeps Himachal

2 weeks ago 24

Shimla — The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has erstwhile again secured a cleanable expanse successful Himachal Pradesh successful the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The State Election Department spokesperson announced that BJP candidates triumphed successful each 4 parliamentary constituencies of the state.

In the Kangra parliamentary constituency, BJP campaigner Dr. Rajeev Bhardwaj defeated his nearest Congress rival, Anand Sharma, by a borderline of 251,895 votes. Dr. Bhardwaj received 632,793 votes, portion the INC campaigner garnered 380,898 votes. Additionally, 6,372 voters opted for NOTA.

Similarly, Anurag Thakur, who contested from the Hamirpur parliamentary constituency, secured a pb of 182,357 votes implicit his nearest INC rival, Satpal Raizada. Thakur received 607,068 votes compared to Raizada’s 424,711 votes, with 5,178 choosing NOTA.

In the Mandi parliamentary constituency, BJP campaigner Kangna Ranaut defeated Congress campaigner Vikramaditya Singh by a borderline of 74,755 votes. Ranaut received 537,022 votes, portion Singh got 462,267 votes. A full of 5,645 voters selected NOTA successful Mandi.

In the Shimla parliamentary constituency, Suresh Kashyap of the BJP defeated his nearest rival, Vinod Sultanpuri from the INC, by a borderline of 91,451 votes. Kashyap received 519,748 votes compared to Sultanpuri’s 428,297 votes, with 5,930 voters opting for NOTA.

The State Election Department praised the peaceful behaviour of the elections and noted the precocious elector turnout. The BJP’s broad victories bespeak the party’s beardown presumption successful Himachal Pradesh arsenic it continues to consolidate its enactment basal successful the state.

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