142m households watched Squid Game, Netflix says as it adds 4.4m subscribers | Netflix

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A “mind-boggling” 142m households person watched Netflix’s dystopian thriller Squid Game, the streaming institution said connected Tuesday.

Announcing its latest quarterly results Netflix said it has added 4.4 cardinal subscribers successful the past 3 months, comfortably beating Wall Street expectations, and that it expected the adjacent 4th to beryllium adjacent amended arsenic much contented comes online aft a pandemic-related lull.

The institution said it expects to adhd 8.5 cardinal subscribers successful the 4th quarter.

But it whitethorn beryllium hard for the institution to apical Squid Game, a bid astir profoundly indebted radical playing deadly versions of children’s games that has go the company’s biggest ever hit.

“A mind-boggling 142m subordinate households globally person chosen to ticker the rubric successful its archetypal 4 weeks. The breadth of Squid Game’s popularity is genuinely amazing,” the institution said successful a missive to investors.

The Korean amusement ranked No 1 successful 94 countries and “pierced the taste zeitgeist”, inspiring Halloween costumes, skits connected Saturday Night Live and memes connected TikTok that person gathered much than 42bn views.

In the adjacent 4th Netflix volition merchandise caller seasons of The Witcher, Tiger King and Cobra Kai and is moving with Roald Dahl’s property connected bid related to his bestselling books including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda.

The institution besides announced that it volition present commencement reporting hours viewed alternatively than the fig of accounts that watched.

Netflix said that the caller metrics “matches however extracurricular services measurement TV viewing and gives due recognition to rewatching”.

The latest figures from Netflix boosted the company’s stock terms by 2% successful after-hours trading.

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